Pokemon Unlimited For My Kids

Mohammad Azam
2 min readJan 24, 2017

Just like every sane person in the world my kids also loves Pokemon. The idea of capturing those cute animal type creatures always excites them. Unfortunately, the excitement quickly fades away when there are no Pokemon left to capture.

With great powers comes responsibility

I thought that it would be great if I can control the number of Pokemons and where they are located. I used the Augmented Reality iOS Tutorial: Location Based for the basis of my application and started working on a very simple app.

The first step is to have a list of Pokemons with their image, name and latitude and longitude positions. Luckily I already have this service ready since I developed it to teach my students at The Iron Yard about consuming API’s.


If you are wondering what backend service did I use to create the above service then you will be delighted to know that I used server side Swift using Vapor. If you are interested in learning more about server side Swift using Vapor then check out my Udemy course below:

With the service up and running, the next step was to create the app. The app will not only allow the users to capture the Pokemon through Augmented Reality view but also show them the captured Pokemons in a list. There are several AR iOS Frameworks out there but I found HDAugmentedReality to be really good and easy to use.

I won’t go into the details of the actual code since it is already available on GitHub and you should feel free to look at it.

Here is a small video showing PokemonUnlimited in action:

Hope you and your kids enjoy the app!



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