NEW COURSE — Mastering MapKit for iOS

I am super excited to announce that my new course “Mastering MapKit for iOS” is now available on Udemy. MapKit framework is very dear to my heart since I use maps app every single day. With commuting apps like Uber, Lyft and Waze on the rise we will witness a lot more companies integrating maps in their apps.

Get the complete course for just $9.99

Let’s check out the contents of this course:

You will start by learning how to find the user’s location and display it on the map. This will also include zooming into the user’s location so you can get a better idea about the surroundings. You will also learn how to switch between different map types.

Next, you will jump into annotations. You will learn how to place annotations on the map and even create your own custom annotations. You will also learn how to customize your annotation views and even create your custom annotation view callouts.

You are also going to learn the art of reverse geocoding. This means you are going to convert a physical address into latitude and longitude so it can be placed on the map.

You are going to learn how to build a virtual fence, geofencing. This will allow you to trigger events based on whether you entered the geofenced area or exited it.

Lean how to integrate Apple Maps from right within your app and get driving directions from source to destination.

Don’t want to open Apple Maps and want to display directions right within your app! Don’t worry, we got you covered. You will learn how to fetch directions from the MapKit framework and display an overlay on the map as well in the UITableView.

Finally, you are going to learn how to find local businesses near your current location. You don’t need to use Google Places API, Apple provides an easy to use API for this specical purpose.

Thank you so much for all your support. I am really excited about this course and I am 100% sure that you will really enjoy it. I would also really and greatly appreciate if you can rate and review the course. Ratings really help to create more courses and add new sections.

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