NEW COURSE — Core Data in iOS

I am super excited to announce my brand new course “Core Data in iOS”. In this course, you will dive into Core Data and learn how to persist information for your iPhone app.

All the sample code is implemented using SwiftUI and MVVM Design Pattern.

Check out the contents of the course:

  • Getting Started with Core Data and Performing CRUD Operations
  • Core Data Building Blocks
  • Understanding MVVM Design Pattern
  • Core Data and MVVM
  • Transformable Types
  • Relationships — One to Many
  • Relationships — Many to Many
  • Fetching Data from Core Data Store
  • FetchedResultsController and @FetchRequest
  • Core Data in Multithreaded Environment
  • Syncing Core Data with CloudKit
  • Migrations

I have spend months preparing this course and I really hope you enjoy it. Get the complete course below:

I hope you enjoy the course.



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Mohammad Azam


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