Messages Apps ARE the BEES KNEES

At WWDC 2016 Apple announced the Messages Framework, which allows the developers to create apps that can run inside the Messages App. As a heavy user of Messages app I was intrigued by the idea of creating Messages Applications. During the span of just couple of months I created three Messages Applications. Two of them were my personal and one for a client.

Flash Response

I live in Houston, TX and traffic here simply SUCKS! Most of the time when I am in the stand still traffic I message my wife that I will be late and you can take the kids to the gym. This whole process of writing the same message again and again gets repeatitive and annoying.

I thought would’nt it be nice if I have some preconfigured messages at my disposal. If I have to send the message I will simply select it and off it goes. This will save me a lot of time, time that I can spend .. stuck in traffic.

This simple idea gave birth to “Flash Response” app.

Flash Response allows the user to quickly construct a single-line or even multi-line messages, which can be saved to be sent later. The app also includes the ability to sort messages by simply dragging and dropping. The messages are stored on the user’s device so you can even send them when you are not connected to the internet.

Emoji King

Emoji is the language of the future! I also believe that the world would be a much better place if we can only communicate through Emojis. Anyway, enough of the philosophy. It is needless to even ask that if you have ever used an emoji because emojis are bread and butter of the messaging world. When sending emojis I always felt that something was missing! Sometimes I was feeling too happy but all I can send in a message was a small smiley face or I wanted to send my wife a big heart but the available options only provided small heart.

I wondered what would happen if everything was bigger, better and … emojier! This gave birth to Emoji King.

Look at the size of that smiley heart! I can guarantee you that if you even send this to the girl that hated you most in high school she will instantly fall in love with you.


The Maria App project was for my client. Here is what my client has to say about the app:

The María App was created for people like my mom; knows very little English but still needs to communicate short messages to her clients in English. With the help of family, friends and/or co-workers quick messages can now be created, saved, and sent in the language of your choice.

Take a look at the screenshots of the Maria app below:

My overall experience in creating Messages Apps was a very positive experience. Yes, there were a lot of times when Xcode 8 was behaving strangely but to be fare it was also in Beta build. I also had some issues with one of my app getting rejected twice and then having a long chat with Apple engineer over the phone. The app was later approved of course!

I hope you enjoy my apps! Happy Messaging! :)

iOS Developer, speaker and educator. Top Udemy and LinkedIn instructor. Lead instructor at DigitalCrafts.

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