Mastering Core ML for iOS Video Course

Hello Everyone,

I am extremely excited to announce that my new course “Mastering Core ML for iOS” is now available. At WWDC 2017 Apple announced the Core ML framework which allows developers to integrate machine learning models right within your iOS application. This means that now you can build much smarter, intelligent apps that can get better over time as the model matures.

The course begins with describing the concepts behind machine learning and how Apple’s new Core ML framework fits into the whole echo system. Check out the amazing sections discussed in the course below:

Implementing Image Detection App Using Core ML:

In this section we are going to implement our first Core ML iOS application. You will learn how to download and integrate Core ML model from Apple’s machine learning resources. Later you will pass an image to the Core ML model and then display the predictions on the screen.

Photo Library App Using Core ML and Vision:

This section demonstrates how to integrate the Apple’s new Vision framework with Core ML framework. You will learn how to create an app which allows the user to pick an image from the photo library and then pass it through Core ML model using vision requests and finally display the predictions on the user interface.

Core ML and Live Camera Capture:

Next we are going to jump into live camera capture and how we can get Core ML predictions live in your camera video view. No need to take a snapshot just point your camera at the object and Core ML will do the rest.

Core ML Conversion Tool:

Finally, we are going to jump into Core ML conversion tools which allows to convert third party machine learning models into Core ML format. This is going to give you the ability to integrate your iOS app with third party machine learning models.

I have worked really hard on this course and I had a lot of fun creating this course. I am sure you are going to love this course and integrate Core ML into your iOS apps!

The original price of the course is $195 but to celebrate the launch the course is available for just $20. Use the link below and enroll in the course. Don’t wait too long, the coupon expires 09/22/2017.

Thanks for your continuous support,


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