It’s NOT about the JACK

Apple will be unveiling the new iPhone 7 next week and it is very interesting to see how some Apple fanatics are responding to the removal of the headphone jack.

Don’t get me wrong I also love Apple products but I think they are missing the big picture. People don’t care about the headphone jack as long as you can provide them an alternative. This is a common behavior of human, if you take something away from them without providing them an alternative they will be pissed.

Same thing happend with Macbooks when the ethernet port was removed and you had to buy dongles separately to get it working. Since, iPhone is magnitude more popular than Macbooks this outcry is heard more publically.

There are also rumors that Apple will provide bluetooth earbuds. I think that will be the right thing to do from Apple but if this is the case then Apple should think long and hard about improving the design of the earbuds. As it currently stands Apple earbuds have huge design problems. You cannot use it while running since it always comes out. I think Apple QA team really ignored real world scenarios when testing the earbuds.

Luckily, the current earbuds are wired so even if they come out of the ear they will not fall to the ground but the result will be drastically different when they are bluetooth.

If the rumors are true then I hope Apple can deliver on the durability and usability of the bluetooth earbuds.

iOS Developer, speaker and educator. Top Udemy and LinkedIn instructor. Lead instructor at DigitalCrafts.

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