Is this the end of Native Apps?

I have been developing in native iOS since 2010. I started with Objective-C and iOS 3.2, when we did not have ARC nanny holding your hand and cleaning up your mess. I love every aspect of native development and feel that this is the best way to write apps.

Unfortunately, the best way may not be the most financially viable way of writing apps. After working with several large oil/gas/finance/retail companies I realized that the their motives and needs are completely different. These large companies are not looking for fancy animations or the butter smooth scrolling. They are simply using the mobile apps as a medium to display their existing information. The main reason is that they are not in the business of apps.

Most of the companies I worked for used Hybird frameworks like Sencha, Ionic etc. Some even used React Native and Xamarin. I do realize that I live and work in Houston, which is not considered a very tech literate city. But I have experienced and heard the same from many other cities. The idea of write once and run decent everywhere is very lucrative to most of the companies.

In last couple of years many new technologies have emerged which can give a decent mobile experience to users. These technologies allows developers to use their existing skills i.e. Javascript, .NET etc to create iOS and Android applications. Microsoft uses Xamarin, Ionic provided Hybrid capabilities, Facebook entered the market with React Native, Progressive Web Apps in browsers and recently Google is working on Flutter.

This does not necessarily means that native apps will go away, but I do believe that more and more companies who are NOT in the business of apps will adopt non-native solutions to satisfy their needs and budgets.

iOS Developer, speaker and educator. Top Udemy and LinkedIn instructor. Lead instructor at DigitalCrafts.

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