Combining Passion for Coding and Traveling

Zip-lining in Costa Rica

I love traveling.. I love traveling even more than coding. Some people spend money on new devices, some people buy fancy cars. I spend money to travel to different places enjoying the life experiences and moments.

Apart from traveling, I also love teaching. I have been teaching in one form or the other for almost more than a decade. I remember teaching my classmates Calculus and Physics back when we were in college. Currently, at my day job I teach development and have trained 100’s of developers. At night or early mornings I work on my Udemy courses. At present I have 19 published courses on Udemy with around 37K students.

Few years ago I decided that it would be great if I can combine my passion of teaching and traveling together. I start contacting different meetups and finally got in touch with NSCoders Meetup in Mexico City. The organizers accepted my request for speaking at their meetup and I presented two sessions on “Building Stickers App” and “Lean Controllers”. The session was scheduled for one day only so my rest of my 3–4 days were spent in exploring beautiful and vibrant Mexico City.

Just to be clear I always spend my own money for traveling. This includes airfare, accommodation, transportation and meals.

After Mexico City I arranged a free workshop in Boston, MA. The Boston VR Meetup group was kind enough to host a full day workshop of AR developing using ARKit. After the presentation (50 min) I started the lab work which allowed the attendees to practice their ARKit skills. I was quite amazed because by the end of the day several members were able to create complete AR apps.

At present I am scheduled for my next trip in January 2019 to beautiful Santiago, Chile. I will be speaking about ARKit development at iOSLove Meetup on January 24 2019. I am extremely excited about this trip because I will also get to many beautiful sights including Torres Del Paine National Park.

I truly believe that true and lasting happiness can come from experiences and not materialistic things. Here is one of my favorite scenes of the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.

If you want me to come to your city and present a topic or host a workshop then contact me and maybe I can schedule something in the future!

iOS Developer, speaker and educator. Top Udemy and LinkedIn instructor. Lead instructor at DigitalCrafts.

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