Before I give my opinion, here is a bit about me. I have been developing native iOS applications since 2010. I have been writing Flutter apps since 2018.

It’s Not React Native

I am not going to slam React Native framework because I know a lot of companies that are using it successfully. Yes, I agree that most companies went with React Native because they already had JavaScript developers. One of the main differences between Flutter and React Native is how things are presented on the screen. Flutter is responsible for writing directly on the canvas, which allows it to perform at 60 FPS. React Native on the other hand has to pay the toll each time it needs to access native component.

It’s Not Native

There is a common misconception that Flutter apps should look native on each platform. Flutter allows you to write apps that look good on both platforms. This can be accomplished by using the Material UI framework. It is not advisable to render different views based on iOS or Android platforms.

Second-Class Citizenship

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You Still Have to Write Your Application Twice

Again, you don’t have to make the user interface native for each device. You just have to come up with one user interface which works for both platforms. Remember if you are writing platform specific views when using Flutter, then you may have taken a wrong turn.


Having worked with dozens of Flutter apps, I don’t find debugging Flutter apps any different from debugging iOS apps using Xcode. I use VS Code and debugging is a breeze.

Support Is Negligible

You may be hanging with the wrong crowd. I found the Flutter community to be extremely supportive and helpful. Check out Flutter groups on Facebook or also Flutter Development Discord channel. These are awesome communities, who are always willing to provide assistance.

Flutter’s Lifetime Is Questionable

I agree! Flutter’s biggest threat is Google itself!

Watch Your Language

I agree with your point that if you learn Dart, you will only end up using it with Flutter. But then who cares! Each language has a purpose and if it provides you with writing cross platform apps then why not invest the time to learn Dart. Nowadays, all languages are alike. So if you know JavaScript /Swift/Java/Kotlin then you can learn Dart in a day.

Languages are easy to learn!

Clients Don’t Want It

It is too early to tell. I live in Houston and I can tell you that in Houston Xamarin rules. The main reason Xamarin rules Houston is that all the big companies don’t want to invest time and money to write two native apps. These companies include oil/gas, medical, retail and finance. I have worked with all those companies and they have no interest in native apps since it requires extra effort.

If your main business is to sell services through apps then native is the best, but if you are using apps as a medium to access data then you want a bigger bang for your buck and that is where cross platforms really shine.

iOS Developer, speaker and educator. Top Udemy and LinkedIn instructor. Lead instructor at DigitalCrafts.

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