Asynchronously Loading Images in SwiftUI

One of the questions I keep getting asked from my Udemy students is that how to load images in SwiftUI. SwiftUI includes the Image view but unfortunately, Image currently does not support url as an argument.

In this post, we will implement a custom SwiftUI view which will be responsible for fetching and displaying the image using the url.

Let’s get started!


Before implementing a custom Image component for SwiftUI, we will write a service which will be responsible for fetching the image. The ImageLoader service will be responsible for downloading the image using the url.

Now let’s implement the URLImage view in SwiftUI. The URLImage will be responsible for taking a url as an argument and then utilizing the ImageLoader service to download and display the image.

Now, that we have URLImage implemented let’s see how we can use it.

And the result is shown below:

Happy coding!

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