7 Minute Body for Apple TV

I have always been interested in working out and keeping myself fit. Even now I spend 6 days a week exercising which includes running, swimming and playing cricket. Actually, I am running a 10K on October 25 and a Half Marathon in January. In order to prepare for the marathons I have used a variety of apps which, included Nike Running, 7 Minute Workout etc.

The major pain point of using one of the 7 minute workout apps on your phone or watch was that the experience was not seamless. You always have to glance at the phone or the watch to see the remaining time, next workout etc. I always thought it would be great to run the app on the TV so it is right in front of you and you don’t have any distractions.

When Apple announced the new Apple TV I was delighted and overwhelmed with joy. The new Apple TV allowed developers to write apps for the big screen. Apple was also kind enough to send a number of developers an Apple TV Developer Kit which allowed us to test and run our apps on the actual tv.

Today it is my great pleasure to announce the release of my Apple TV app called “7 Minute Body”. As, the name suggest the app is directed towards health and fitness. 7 Minute Body provides the user with an easy to use interface, smooth navigation and intense workouts. 7 Minute Body also allows the users to listen to the current workout and notify them when to change sides.

I have been using 7 Minute Body app for several weeks and keeping myself in great shape! I am sure this app will help you stay healthy and fit!

Download 7 Minute Body now from the Apple TV App Store!

I took the following image yesterday when I discovered that the “7 Minute Body” app is now available on the App Store. What are you waiting for! Go ahead download it from your Apple TV App Store.

You can also visit the website www.7minutebodyapp.com

Thanks and let’s get fit!

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